Choose Your Career Path at Svitzer

Tully Barnes

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Your career at Svitzer is exactly that, your career. As our team spans across the globe, we want to highlight the many different pathways in which a career at Svitzer can take.

There is no set program or journey, it’s a mix of opportunities and choice, and can be defined by you, your ambition and dedication. Your leader is there to guide the way, support your goals and if you look for the opportunities, there is no telling where your career will take you.

We reached out to various colleagues from Americas, Europe, Australia and AMEA, and each person took the time to talk about their very different experiences.

Meet Tully Barnes
Project Implementation Manager, Svitzer Australia

Over his seven years with Svitzer Australia, Project Implementation Manager Tully Barnes has worked across many facets of the business in various roles.

After a career in the Royal Australian Navy, Tully started with Svitzer as a Marine Engineer in Whyalla, South Australia, spending 18 months in the role including two dry dockings, before stepping into the role of Technical Manager.

Career growth is vital for Tully, and he attributes his drive for seeking change to his self-described restlessness.

“I tend to get ‘itchy feet’ after a couple of years within a role and think this is due to not enjoying the ‘comfort zone bubble’ that I feel can develop after doing something day-in day-out for a continuous period.


“While diving into something unfamiliar can be daunting, the feeling of achieving something new or solving for an unfamiliar problem far outweighs any initial feelings of uncertainty.”

Tully Barnes

Tully has broad experience in many of Svitzer’s operational settings, as a Marine Engineer on the tugs, involvement with multiple special survey dockings as Docking Engineer and Technical Manager, and overseeing all port operations as Port Manager in several of Svitzer Australia’s ports.

This knowledge, combined with his background in a mechanical trade, provides a solid foundation for approaching any task or solving any problem.

“While I don’t feel maritime experience is a ‘must have’ for any of these roles, an understanding of on-water operations certainly helps with conversations with crew and on-shore support functions alike.


“I approach any problem I need to solve in the same methodical way I would approach an Engineering defect. I start by identifying what the issue is, working through a structured process to determine the root cause, and seeking to determine suitable solutions.”

Svitzer’s network in Australia and around the world and his enthusiasm for learning, Tully saw the opportunity to gain exposure to different aspects of the industry.

“I saw Svitzer as the pinnacle of inshore marine and took the view that this would be where I would get the opportunity to work alongside the best and brightest in the industry.


“I thought learning from the best in the business would set me in good stead for the rest of my career.”

Last week, Svitzer Australia announced a long-term contract with the Royal Australian Navy to provide towage services to naval vessels and personnel training to Defence personnel in ports around Australia.

As Project Implementation Manager for Defence Marine Support Services, Tully’s latest role combines all his experience and expertise to bring Svitzer Australia’s newest contract to life.

Tully has worked on the project for the last eight months and says:

“I have had the absolute privilege to be the Implementation Manager for a new long-term contract with the Royal Australian Navy which represents the culmination of nearly three years of tireless work by the Svitzer team.”

And Tully has some sound advice for anyone considering taking the next big step in their career:

“Don’t limit yourself by what you think you don’t know about a specific role, instead focus on what you could achieve in your desired position. There are so many people willing to support you in the business that if you are willing to work hard and have the right attitude doors will open up for you.”

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