Choose your career path at Svitzer

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Your career at Svitzer is exactly that, your career. As our team spans across the globe, we want to highlight the many different pathways in which a career at Svitzer can take.

There is no set program or journey, it’s a mix of opportunities and choice, and can be defined by you, your ambition and dedication. Your leader is there to guide the way, support your goals and if you look for the opportunities, there is no telling where your career will take you.

We reached out to various colleagues from Americas, Europe, Australia and AMEA, and each person took the time to talk about their very different experiences. Over the coming months we will showcase this series, hoping to inspire our colleagues and to celebrate these journeys and explore all parts of our business.

Dylan Sheehan, Head of Commercial

Svitzer Australia

Dylan Sheehan commenced with Svitzer as Commercial Manager in Canada in 2013. Since then, his career pathway with Svitzer has been anything but linear. Grasping each opportunity with both hands, he has worked in different roles in various regions.

“Each role I’ve had within Svitzer has built on my previous experience, and it’s really motivating to see a progression pathway within the company.”

In 2018 when Dylan accepted a one-month placement to work with Svitzer Australia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ivan Spanjic and his commercial team down-under, little did he realise it would turn into a permanent role as Head of Commercial.

“I’ve had the good fortune to be guided by managers who have always been supportive in my career development and recommended opportunities that I didn’t necessarily see at the time. My move to Australia is a good example of that. Videlina Georgieva was my manager at the time, and she identified a need within the Australian organisation for a commercial resource.”

What attracted Dylan to Svitzer, and what still resonates with him, is the opportunity to affect change and make an impact within the organisation.

“While it’s a global company, we still have a unique ability to control our destiny and make informed decisions that can leave a lasting impression on the organisation. For me, this is a perfect combination!”

He says that while pursuing different opportunities, change can be daunting and complex, but colleagues’ support makes it all achievable.

“Change can seem daunting and difficult. It’s easy to second guess yourself – Am I capable? Do I have enough experience? Am I a strong enough leader?… but when supported by colleagues and peers that care about you as a person and care about your career progression, it makes that transition so much easier and achievable.”

Dylan’s most recent appointment is as acting Port Manager – Sydney for the remainder of 2021, which he will undertake alongside his role as Head of Commercial.

And he has some fantastic advice for anyone considering their next move with Svitzer.

“The support network in Svitzer is fantastic and you will always have a colleague nearby who has experienced the same personal, professional growth moments that you’re going through. Stretch yourself, be ambitious – Svitzer has your back!”

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