Choose your career path at Svitzer

Your career at Svitzer is exactly that, your career. As our team spans across the globe, we want to highlight the many different pathways in which a career at Svitzer can take.

There is no set program or journey, it’s a mix of opportunities and choice, and can be defined by you, your ambition and dedication. Your leader is there to guide the way, support your goals and if you look for the opportunities, there is no telling where your career will take you.

We reached out to various colleagues from Americas, Europe, Australia and AMEA, and each person took the time to talk about their very different experiences.

Meet Deniz Kirdar True

Deniz Kirdar True joined the Svitzer Australia team as General Manager East Coast in the second half of 2020.

Deniz oversees all of Svitzer Australia’s East Coast and South Australian ports in this role. In a position where no two days are the same, Deniz’s extensive experience in Svitzer, and before that Maersk, has set her up to lead Svitzer Australia’s local port operations teams across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Starting her career in the big world of Maers, Deniz recognises the benefits of being part of large global group of companies but highlights that Svitzer offers something attractive and unique for people wanting to work close to the action in the towage world.

“The ability to create change that one can see the impact in a short period. Our lean organisation and closeness to the operation are key to this and one of the most rewarding aspects of working in Svitzer. And needless to say, tugs are super cool.”

Joining Svitzer in 2014, Deniz’s first role with Svitzer was as Chief Operating Officer, Europe in London in 2014, then as Head of Operational Excellence in Copenhagen before stepping in as General Manager East Coast in Australia.

Exposure to multiple regions, operations, and teams drive Deniz’s problem solving and collaboration method.

“Having worked in two regions and in the global headquarter, I find it super useful to be able to view matters with different lenses and from different angles.
“While our core business is the same, there is an enormous opportunity for learning across different locations as the specific country and region context adds an additional layer.”

In her leadership style, Deniz truly embodies her advice for colleagues and anyone stepping into a career with Svitzer.

“Be curious and interested in what is happening elsewhere in the business, connect with others in the similar roles in other locations, raise your hand when there is an opportunity to join a cross-regional or cross-functional project to learn more about different areas.”