Svitzer Australia update

Fair Work Commission Update 2

Dear Customers and Stakeholders

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has confirmed it will commence the hearing on whether or not to suspend or terminate the industrial action from 1pm AEDT tomorrow (Thursday 17 November 2022).

Most parties acknowledged in the FWC today that the lockout will cause significant economic harm.

The Full Bench will hear the current dispute on Thursday and Friday morning, if necessary.

The FWC indicated that the intention is for a decision to be made for the matter to be concluded before the commencement of the lockout at 12pm AEDT, Friday 18 November.

In the meantime, it is important to note that all protected industrial action (including the lockout) remains in place.
This includes extensive and ongoing industrial action already notified by the unions.

This includes work stoppages at the below ports (in addition to ongoing bans on training, using certain Svitzer systems, training and performing recalls).

Ongoing Union Protected Industrial Action

The protected industrial action notified by the unions includes:

  1. A 24-hour stoppage in Newcastle (from midnight tonight until 00:01 18 November)
  2. A 12-hour stoppage in Albany (from 7am 17 November)
  3. A 12-hour stoppage in Fremantle (from 7am 17 November) (as well as a 3.25 day ban on overtime)
  4. A 4-hour stoppage in Geraldton (from midnight to 4am 17 November)
  5. A 24-hour stoppage in Kwinana (from 8am 17 November) (as well as a 3.25 day ban on overtime)
  6. A 4-hour stoppage in Adelaide (from midnight to 4am 17 November)
  7. A 4-hour stoppage in Port Pirie (from midnight to 4am 17 November)
  8. A 24 hour ban in Sydney on the service of certain shipping line customers (these customers have already been advised) and on performing overtime and relief work.

We regret the severe disruption that this protected industrial action is causing.